Think Outside the Frame

April 15, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

I focus on the creation of commissioned artwork. Like in the olden days, commissioned painters would be in charge of creating a likeness of their subject. This approach is no different than today, we just use different tools.  But why do we still hang on to the old expectations?

We are educated about the standards of photography via chain photography studios. Some well established photographers get stuck in ruts. New photographers can be too afraid to use 'fake' lighting and only use natural light and print 8x10s. Not me, I LOVE the direction this industry has gone. I do not feel bound to the 8x10, the natural light or any of the preconceived photography standards.  I have been educated and respect the classic portraiture paintings & photographs - I strive for the next thing.

Today, we are evolving into a Borg-like existence. We are fused with our iPhones,  mp3 players, and the next inventions of tomorrow.  To me, the Borg kinda rock. I love all the technology - I never leave home without my tablet. I love the future and all that it will offer. My studio has heavily embraced the digital technologies of our industry. We use a combination of natural & studio lighting, green screens, digital manipulation, graphic design, music, woodcrafting, fashion and outside-of-the-box thinking.

If I were to hire a photographer, I want my photos to look better then what my tablet can capture (which is amazing, btw).  I want a photographer that can create something that I can't. That is why I offer my clients that opportunity.  I charge the prices I do based on the time commitment I provide for each of my subjects. I do not operate a shoot and burn studio.  If you want something amazing and different - give me a ring, you're at the right place.


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