Memorial Day Mini Portrait Session

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In the blink of an eye, one normal day of giggling children, poopy diapers and the sound of your child calling you 'mommy'.... will turn into tomorrow. It happens so fast - 'mommy' turns into 'mom', diapers turn into designer jeans and giggling turns into 'can I borrow the car?'  Let us capture the precious innocence of today. These moments are to be cherished.

With the exceptional talents of Lisa Patchem on hand, your family or children's portrait will be one to remember and reminisce about, for the rest of your lives. 

Here is your chance to bring the kids to a professional photographer while saving some cash on the side.

When?   Monday May 27 (Memorial Day) + Tuesday  May 28

Where?  Photography Sessions will be conducted at the Firehouse Art Center 667 4th Ave, Longmont (right next door!) in the Art Department room. (Enter on the Coffman Road side)

Ordering Sessions will be taking place at Lisa's Home Studio in downtown Longmont.

Why?   What a great chance to get professional photographs of your little ones! Save time and money with a mini session. It's half the cost, half the time but worth 100% of the investment.

Who?  Any little cutie pie above the age of 6 months (or able to sit up without assistance) to 8 years old. Most of our clients bring in children 6+months to 2 years of age.

How?    Sign up over the phone or via email. Slots fill up super fast! No joke! 

What?  We will have 1-2 photography sets per age group. The Mini Session fee is only $85.


Tips + Tricks

- Please bring only the children that are going to be photographed.  We love Grandmas, but please bring only one parent/guardian per child. (It will distract our little super stars!)

-ONLY ONE CHILD PER TIME SLOT. If you have two or more children signed up, each child has his or her own 20 min session.  (It is very difficult to photograph more than one child at a time, if you are interested in getting all your children together for one photograph please book LPP for a full session as our mini sessions cannot accommodate for multiple subjects.)

-Schedule a time slot for the child, not for what is convenient.  If 12:00 is Susie’s nap time, do not bring Susie in at 12:00!

-Simple clothing is the best.  Avoid too many patterned materials. Bring accessories! Head bands, necklaces, blankets, toys, etc.  Newer clothes photograph better than ratter older clothes.

-NO STILL PHOTOGRAPHY IS ALLOWED DURING SESSION. The minimum order will be raised to $300 if we notice photography stills being taken. If you would like to document your child’s experience, please video record his or her time in front of the camera. This is a great way to show friends and family on Facebook little Susie’s first photography experience!



Studio Information


-All portrait sessions require a $150 minimum order. (Regular minimum ordering purchase is $300).  This insures LPP that you are committed to fine art portraiture and preserving your family’s memories. Your minimum order is due the day of your session. No images will be posted online until your minimum purchase is received. Your minimum purchase is non-refundable and all sales are final. You will need to be aware of the sales tax of 8.075% that we are required to charge in addition to your print collection.

-Most clients, for a baby/child session, invest between $800-$2,500 in products. Our basic package starts at $525. A la Carte options also available.

-Your session fee is due the day you book your appointment and is non-refundable. It will serve as a credit to your account if you reschedule.

-The ordering/viewing session occurs approximately one - two weeks after the shoot.  
Products* are available for pick up about 2-6 weeks from ordering date.  Shipping, if desired, is extra. *Heirloom Art Pieces range from 4-8 weeks.

-All orders will be handled in the studio or via Email.  We require at least half payment before we can process your order.  And please remember ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

-All purchased photographs will be accompanied with a digital version for you to use on social media. (This file cannot be printed.)

-Please send a photo of all the possible rooms in your home you’d consider hanging a portrait. (Take the photo straight on, not at an angle and have something, like a lamp, in the photo for size reference. This way, Lisa can assist you with sizing, framing and layout of your *new* home decor!)

-Ordering sessions are allotted two hours. Most clients only need an hour and a half.

-Do not bring friends, family members and especially children to the ordering session.
Typically it is Mom + Dad, or equivalent - this way, we can focus on your needs and desires to successfully decorate your home without distraction.


We look forward to seeing you in the studio!


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