Roosevelt Park Conceptual Shoot: Ashley

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Roosevelt park modeling. longmont coloradoConceptual Shoot in Roosevelt Park, Longmont Colorado

Conceptual Shoot: Ashley

The idea behind this shoot was to do an edgy historic-inspired thing. We started with the “edge”- my beloved and rather attractive makeup artist gave Ashley a look with glowing skin and fierce eyes. She started off in a coral sundress that had a modern-flapper vibe.

We photographed her against the roses in Roosevelt Park until it got too hot. Ashley also did an impressive job of maintaining her poker face in the face of marauding bees.

She changed in a Downton Abbey-style dress, hat, and gloves for the second portion of the shoot. We took pictures of her on a bench, as though waiting for a train. Then we darkened her makeup and transformed her hair from a gentle updo to a pompadour to make the Downton more downtown.

Last, Ashley posed in a field for some more editorial type pictures. It was a great day in a perfect location.

Period piece, roosevelt park, longmont coloradowaiting for the train at Roosevelt park


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