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As a Longmont Photographer, I get asked many questions as to what vendors I use in my photography business. Here are my favorite, trusted companies that I use daily.

My fun products are only as good as the lab they come from.

Miller's Professional Imaging - I get all of my prints, folios and heirloom books from Miller's. They simply are the best in the industry. However, that is not my favorite part about them. Their turn-around time is second to none. I once placed a print order on Dec 23 and received it Dec 24 - just in time for Christmas. Luck to my clients!  Miller's is how I stay ahead of the game in the photography industry. If I expect my clients to pay top dollar for my work, then they expect me not to drop the ball especially when it comes to receiving their quality products in a timely manner. I mean, who wants to wait for their 20"x24" wall portrait?

My inspirational software

Adobe Systems - I thought Photoshop was the coolest thing ever. It lets me be a painter, a sculptor, an inventor and innovator. Then Creative Cloud was released last year and as many professionals, I was almost forced to purchase a subscription into their new system. I did. Not only do I have the latest version of Photoshop, Bridge, Lightroom and Indesign (my favs)  I have access to 6 or 8 other applications that I haven't had the pleasure to use since collage. Now, I am able to offer my clients video,  increase my technical expertise and make my business stand out from the rest.  Check out some cool examples here.

Reliable, high quality tools can make or break a photo.

Canon - I've been a Canon girl since my first Rebel Ti.  I was familiar with Nikon based on the photography studio I worked at, but since I discovered photography through event work, I stuck with Canon, the camera best at low lighting situations (like weddings). Since then, I've relied on Canon to create smooth & reliable products with high quality results.

A creative mind is a blessing and a curse

Evernote - I just recently discovered this app and it has already changed my world.  This is how it was: My desk covered in sticky notes, my phone had notepads on every screen, my tablet had exported emails in PDF, my lap top had text files on the desktop... and my mind had a million ideas still swimming around in it.  Sounds familiar, right? Skip forward only two weeks: I have a (relatively) clean desk. I can actually see my background photo on my phone. My laptop is clutter free. And I feel this weight off my shoulders. Why? Because Evernote lets me type my ideas into their app, which is then synced to my other devices. I can access all my notes from any device.  While I am at my work computer I can start an idea. While I'm out for a walk I can add a fresh thought, then when I'm watching an inspirational show at night, I can update the same note from my laptop or tablet.  It's kinda like having a personal assistant - it keeps me sane. Thank you Evernote!

Taking money with ease

Square - I'm an artist. I like simple design and function. Square is the easiest credit card processing that I've ever seen. It's small, easy, cute and it works!  Whether a client wants to pay for the sitting fee as they book the appointment over the phone, or out of town family would like to purchase a few prints before they fly back home, Square lets me be a business woman, makes me look good and makes it easier for my clients.  Win!


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