Professional Photography in Longmont, Colorado, That Won’t Break the Bank!

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Modeling. Headshots. Family portraiture. You've booked your Longmont portrait session and you would like to keep costs down. I totally get it, so here are some simple tips to follow that will help you save a little:

Practice your smile.

It sounds simple enough, but it’s actually one of the most challenging things I have to deal with sometimes. You see, most people have a “perm-a-grin”—a “smile” or other facial expression that you’ve been using for years and don’t really know how to change because you’re not sure how to get your face to relax. (You know who you are!) I see this mostly when taking wedding photos, because let’s face it, everyone is tired of standing around for what seems like hours, taking a zillion pictures. But some people just always seem to have this type of fake smile; I see it all the time. I’ll be talking to someone, laughing, socializing, and they look great, but then as soon as I bring my camera up to my face—BAM! They immediately plaster on their perm-a-grin.

So, how will practicing your REAL smile help you save money? Well, time equals money! (Or in this case, less time equals less money.) Because the sooner you get away from your perm-a-grin, the quicker and easier your photo session will be.

The cure to perm-a-grin is threefold: First, relax. Then, trust in your photographer (believe me, I will let you know if your smile looks unnatural). And of course, practice your real smile. Just tell yourself a joke. Or remember a happy time and let your face do its thing. And stop thinking so much! When you have a natural smile, you also have a happy, I-don't-have-to-do-so-much photographer, which leads to a happy client and genuine results (without wasting valuable time).

Follow directions.

My best models are not the ones who look the prettiest, the ones who are the thinnest, nor the ones who practiced. (Although as we just learned, it does help to practice your smile.) No, my best subjects are the ones who listen to my directions during the session. Unless you've been in front of a professional photographer's camera at least 10 times, you still have to follow simple directions like “chin down,” “right shoulder back,” or “eyes to me.” It's funny, but everyone—EVERYONE—who comes into my studio starts out apprehensive but leaves a confident model. In fact, I usually throw out the first half of the session because the second half is when they are most relaxed and engaged, so therefore I get better portraits!

And how will following directions help you save money? Same as above—the session goes faster and is then less expensive.

Get your a$$ to the gym!

Or, better yet, take a jog or bike ride around one of the beautiful paths we have here in Longmont. Don’t get me wrong—feeling overweight isn’t a reason to NOT book a photography session. Most of us are carrying around a few extra pounds! But if you don’t like the way you look in the photos, you’re going to be paying extra Photoshop fees for me to make you look 10 pounds lighter.

Bring examples.

From business headshots to a Longmont Modeling Photography session, everyone has preconceived ideas of what their portraits will look like. I’m a great photographer, but I’m not a mind reader, so let’s get on board to eliminate any confusion or “I assumed you knew what I meant!” If I’m not exactly sure what you’re hoping for, it could end up prolonging the shoot or worse, rescheduling! Pinterest is a great place to find ideas, and my Pinterest board is filled with examples of great photos. Find it here:

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