FAQ Longmont Portrait Photography

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Q: Do you photograph on location or in your studio?

A: Both! Colorado is gorgeous. With the Rocky Mountains as our backdrop, how could you go wrong?! I'm also partial to Downtown Longmont along Main Street. So many textures and urban areas! However, when the sun goes down or the cold comes in, my downtown studio is also a great location for a portrait session. Classic, simple, easy portraits can be made in the dead of winter in the studio’s warm, comfortable surroundings.


Q: How much do you charge?

A: Well, the easy answer is $125-$499 per session. Big range, huh? Well that’s because of the longer answer—every session is different and requires a different amount of time that I spend setting up, and whether I need to purchase specific props, or if I have to make arrangements with the chosen location. Headshots start at $125. Family portraits start at $275. Call me for a better estimate regarding your situation.

A side note about photographer fees: Typically, photographers charge per their time, then for the usage of their artwork. This means that there might be a standard sitting fee, plus the price of products on top of that (and that’s why the price range is so large; some people order a lot and some order a little). Or, if you are hiring me on behalf of your business, you might need digital files of the artwork; then there’s an additional charge for licensing and copyright fees.


Q: Why do some photographers only charge $99?

A: It is simple business. Professional photographers have insurance, top-notch equipment (and a whole set of backup equipment, too!), licensing requirements, professional fees, education, etc. Photographers who do not charge enough to cover these additional expenses fail at their business. If you see a deal that seems too good to be true, it probably is. If someone is charging only $99 and they give away all the goodies on top of that, please watch out—they are probably not a professional, and you could be wasting your time and money. (Think about emails not being returned, waiting weeks for your photographs or spending hours when you should have spent minutes... the common problems of a non-professional).


Q: Why/how did you get into photography?

A: After studying painting and textile design in college, I found photography. It was a medium and business that I could do that incorporates almost all of the art mediums I enjoy. With photography, I could still do my crafts, like sewing props or embroidering my logo on things. And I love to paint my own backdrops—so much fun! And I enjoy cutting, pasting, drawing, sketching, and painting in Photoshop. Plus, I get to engage with people on a daily basis. It has been the most versatile business I could have imagined, great for moving from one duty station to the other, and also the most rewarding.


Q: How can I start my own photography business?

A: Congrats on the decision to get started in photography! It’s a rewarding and fun business to get into. Starting a photography business is easy-peasy; however, staying in business is the hard part. Too many photographers go into the photography business for the wrong reason: They want to take pictures. Well, you don't need to go through starting a business just to take pictures. A photography business is just that—a business. If you enjoy working late hours, networking on weekends, having your work harshly critiqued, and watching as your craft is constantly being pushed aside by iPhones and other technology, then by golly, you are ready to turn on your open sign! I’m just trying to be honest; it's a hard business to crack. But if you have the determination, financial freedom, education, and equipment to get started, then go for it! Join my mailing list to receive information about photography business classes that I teach, to help further you along in your photography quest.


Have more questions? Call Lisa today to find out more. It's okay—she won't bite! Do you live in Firestone? Lyons or Mead? Get your portraits done with Lisa Patchem Photography in Longmont Colorado—we’re right next door!



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