A Longmont Photographer’s ArtWalk

May 13, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

It’s a Saturday afternoon, a beautiful day in Downtown Longmont. Families start piling in from all directions, having arrived on foot, on bikes, or by car. Main Street is temporarily closed down and side streets are blocked off to keep everyone safe. Children, tugging at Mom’s hand in an effort to break loose, eagerly start seeking out all the art experiences, like caricatures, face-painting, and sidewalk chalk ready and waiting outside of storefronts, the streets a blank canvas for young imaginations. Pretty soon, professional artists start painting right there in the streets, and the beautiful sounds of a grand piano echo off the brick breezeway. There are smiling faces all around as neighbors meet up to support their artist friends, and children run around, happily messy with chalk on their faces or fingerpaint on their hands.

Longmont’s ArtWalk is a community coming together—laughter, merriment, hustle and bustle. Brightly colored banners show the way to the many local businesses that support this privately funded art event. Musicians and fine artists alike are represented at Ziggi’s Coffee, Crackpots Pottery Studio, and Adorn Gift Shop, just to name a few. They’re sponsors who have believed in this event for many years. These businesses are not art galleries, but they truly support art in the community, and that’s where the fun begins.

Artists, musicians, and other talents of all types are lured to Downtown Longmont for entertainment, experience, and exposure. And somewhere in this multi-block event is a 16 year-old jewelry maker who dares to venture out into the real world, her first attempt at professionalism. She borrows a tent from a neighbor, a pink tablecloth from her mother. With encouragement from her Longmont High School art teacher, she shows off her talent to anyone who will pause to watch her. She wraps stone, bends copper wire, and riffles through her colorful bead collection. She’s nervous and thrilled at the same time to have this opportunity. She has a smile on her face; she is an artist in action.

Local Longmont downtown businesses support ArtWalk by hosting veteran and emerging artists in their stores to help draw the crowds inside. For when the generous businesses open their doors and the artists gather show off their talents, people come from miles around to enjoy it all. Events like these help out the local arts community and inspire other artists to push their work even more, to become more. Because of this, Longmont has fought for and earned the title of Creative District in Colorado. Plus, the money raised by these businesses helps keep ArtWalk a free event, so stop in and say thank you!

Have you heard about ArtWalk’s newest addition? It’s a mobile app that binds 21st-century technology with old-school community love and brotherhood. Get it here: blah blah blah.

Lisa Patchem, Longmont Photographer, is a proud supporter of Longmont’s ArtWalk. She joined the board in 2014 and hopes

to be a part of its promising future for a long time to come. Call her today to learn how you can get involved in the local Longmont arts scene.




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