Professional Photography - Experience the Difference Part I

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Yes, there are a lot of photographers out there to choose from. Too many, you say? No way! I say the more, the merrier. However, of all of those photographers out there, how many are truly professional?

What makes me a professional—and what I have built my business around—is my out-of-the-box thinking. It occurred to me some years ago that I shouldn’t be following other photographers’ styles, many of whom I worked for at one time or another. I should be catering to my own style, my particular strengths. But what was my style?

Have you ever had an “ah-ha!” moment when you see or think of an innovation for something that was right in front of you? Such as using a pinch clip to hold your cords. Or Chewbeads—best idea ever, second only to the candy necklace. Anyway… that rush of “OMG how did we all not figure this out before?” and then the flood of ideas like, how you are going to start a business around that concept?

My idea for what my style should be came to me as all good ideas come to people. My idea? Using Photoshop as a tool to help fulfill my vision of being a great photographer! You see, I’m one of those rare photographers who actually likes to spend my time in front of the computer editing. Seriously! I do not use Photoshop to fix as many photographers do; I use it to create. That’s the core of my business—to create.

Example: One of my clients wanted a “diptic” (like a collage) of her children on the wall—a close-up of the son, and a pulled-away pic of the daughter.

See here:

Well, that wasn't going to fly. I need to zoom in on the daughter and pull back on the son. Except that the exposure they choose for the son didn’t allow for any more room to pull back! (I know, I know—don’t crop in-camera; lesson learned, photogs.) So, not to let my clients down, I knew I could manage it in ’shop. I grabbed another exposure of the son (which I hadn’t cropped in-camera) and then placed the desired exposure onto this new one. Results? Happy clients none the wiser (except when they see this post, of course). What do you think?

So there I am, figuring out that most other photographers don’t like Photoshop and don’t do things like this. Hmmm... Well I can do it and I love to do it.. AH-HA! That's the moment when I realized what my style was going to involve.

Fact is, this isn’t Sears. This isn’t a simple smile-and-click experience. I expect my clients to commit to their photography session—financially, emotionally, and mentally. But it really comes down to trust and expectation. And that expectation doesn’t come from every photographer in town. It applies to the people who respect small business, artists, quality, and talent. In return, they receive what they paid for. Top-quality, one-of-kind products and personalization.

Here are some more examples showing exactly what makes Lisa Patchem Photography, Longmont Photographer, different from the rest. (I’m lucky I work in a profession that is so visual, so I can show you what I mean.)


This high school senior loves to doodle. I think she’s pretty good at it, too! I asked her to scan a few of her sketchbooks, and this is what I did with her photos:

Before + After



Three kiddos are hard enough to manage as it is, throw a 6 month old in with a 4 and 7 year old and you get a photoshop dream.  As you can see from the first portrait, everyone looks great except for the little guy. This is by far the most requested post production skill that is asked of me.  Usually it is really easy and yields great results!


As you can see, I’m up to every creative challenge. Sun rays? No problem. Stray hairs and pimples? Don't stand a chance with me. Your right eye is better than your left!? Don’t even mention it, I got it. That is the care and professionalism that you receive at Longmont’s premier portrait studio, Lisa Patchem Photography. “Nothing leaves my studio unpolished,” I say. People ask, “Doesn't that take a lot of time?” I answer, “Yes, but isn’t that what people expect—perfection? I would!”

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