Longmont Photography Classes

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Did you get a shiny new camera for Christmas? Or maybe you got it some time ago…and it never left the box. If you are wanting to learn more about your camera and/or about photography in general, then listen up: Longmont’s premier portrait photographer is now offering Longmont Photography Classes!

Classes range from beginner to advanced, and all are welcomed! We will focus on answering all your questions. From technical information to artsy-fartsy stuff, these will be hands-on, not-your-typical classes. Material discussed will be based on who is in attendance, so it will be great for students, amateurs, semi-professionals, mothers, grandmothers, and business owners—just to name a few! So don’t miss out!

Longmont Photography Class 101 (beginners) $25
You can’t get more basic than this! Have a fancy camera that you got for Christmas but don’t know what all the buttons are for? Want to take better pics of the kids? Or better selfies? Need to get those photos off the camera and onto the computer? Wait no longer; this class is for you! Bring your cameras to class.


Longmont Photography Class 201 (intermediate) $35
This is for amateurs, hobbyists, and enthusiasts looking to take the next step in Photography. Have you been photographing on automatic and want more control? Do you tell yourself you need to learn more about lighting but don’t know where to start? Topics covered: exposure, color balance, camera & lenses choices, image processing, software overview, editing, output & printing, lighting & set up, equipment overview, and more! Each session will be different as we will tailor the class to the individuals who attend. This is the class to ask questions! Come back again and again to learn more!


Longmont Photography Class 301 (advanced) $35
Do you dream of quitting your day job? Are you ready to take your hobby to the next step? There is a lot more to running a photography business other than just good photography. Whether it is portraiture, wedding photography, selling stock images, or commercial photography—this class is ideal for finding out more about what your photography future holds.


Workflow (Overview of Bridge CC, Photoshop CC, & Lightroom CC) $35
Spend more time with your kids by becoming more efficient with your software. Spending too much time editing? Learn Lightroom. Need to fix some exposures? Learn to shoot in RAW. Want to play in Photoshop? You’ve come to the right class. Each session will be different as we will tailor the class to the individuals who attend. This is the class to ask questions! Come back again and again to learn more!


External Lighting $35

Out in the field? Speed lights are your friend!
Don’t leave your shoot to chance—get planned results every time! Shooting in the middle of the day? On a rare cloudy sky? Control the situation for perfect and consistent results.


Critique class ($10 for your work to be critiqued; limited slots per evening)

Keep the emotion away from your pursuit of better photography portfolio. This open discussion critique class is to help photographers learn to see their work from an outsider’s eye. Critique is not positive nor negative—it’s simply stating what is seen. This is the most important investment a photographer can make! You can’t afford to miss this!
Limited slots per evening, so preregister to guarantee your placement. Printed images are recommended; digital files are acceptable but must be submitted to us prior to class. We recommend showing us at least 5 images of cohesive work.

About Lisa Patchem:

Growing up as a fine artist gave Lisa something very different from other photographers—an understanding of light and form from an early age. She was painting portraits before photography came into her life. In fact, it was through Adobe Photoshop that she entered into the photographic world. She worked at several photography studios before deciding to complete her photography education at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, where she studied under some of the best instructors in the world. She later worked for a retouching house before starting her own retouching services business. Lisa operated two other photography businesses after leaving NYC, one of which was Anchors Aweigh Photography, LLC, where she catered to the military. She moved to Colorado in 2013 to open up Lisa Patchem Photography, LLC and then Silver Star Boudoir in 2014. She is a member of Professional Photographers of America and continues to educate herself and other fellow photography enthusiasts.

While classically trained, Lisa’s passion is the business side of her photography business:

“It is important to me that we as artists don’t undercut ourselves—that making a living doing what you love is not only a possibility but can be a darn successful adventure!”

  • Bachelor’s degree in Photography, SVA, NYC
  • Alumni scholarship, 2008
  • Speaker at SVA’s student workshop
  • 3 photography shows in NYC, 2007-2008
  • Accepted into the MFA digital arts program
  • Permanent gallery collection in NJ, 2009
  • Article in Boulder Magazine, 2014
  • 2 photography shows in Colorado, 2015


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