6 Tips for Better Headshot Portraits

February 17, 2016  •  1 Comment

You are a professional.

Which means, you’re busy. Deadlines, ROI, clients. All things you stress over on a daily basis. Trust me, I’m with ya. Let me, as the local premier portrait photographer, take something off your plate. Get your Longmont professional headshot portrait taken at my studio for a stress-free, easy-peasy process. (Beware: you might actually have fun!)

Here are some things to help you along the process of getting the perfect professional headshot portrait.

1. Exfoliate. Dry skin and lips are a no-no.

2. Iron your shirt. Better yet, bring in your shirts ironed and on hangers. Nothing like wrinkles to pull the viewers eye away from your gorgeous smile!

3. Clothing—wear colors that flatter you. Avoid busy patterns. DO NOT WEAR WHITE (unless it is an undershirt). Black is always in style. Stay away from trending attire, unless you want to update your headshot portrait every two to three years.

4. Leave the baggage at the door. You don’t go on your first date and spill all your inhibitions the first chance you get. It’s the same at the Longmont portrait studio. If you feel like uttering phrases of “I don’t photograph well” or “I never like my photo taken” then you are putting up a barrier from the beginning and sabotaging yourself.  If there is anything you take from this blog, it is this: The power of positive thoughts. I promise you’ll love your portrait. Guaranteed. So stop worrying.

5. Identify who your target audience is. Create a persona centered around them. Give him or her a name. This will be that perfect client you had last year. Or, imagine the best client you could ever dream of. Make this person real. Give him or her a name. Betty? Sam? Matilda? The name is up to you. Just bring them with you for your shoot.

Why? When you are thinking of your perfect client, you are content. You are not trying to be someone you aren’t. You are not desperate or needy. You are a perfect fit for them, as they are for you. THAT’s the facial expression that I as a portrait photographer am looking for. Don’t pretend to be someone else. Give me that smile that only you can make. (Lawyers, disregard that last bit. You are allowed to not smile.)

6. Understand how Image Licensing works. Here is my synopsis: As an artist, I am protected by the Copyright Act. I create an image (of an owl, a tree or your face) and I own the copyright. As my client, you then purchase the right to use it for your business needs.

When you get to the studio I will ask you about how many digital files you were looking to license. Did you want just one? Some business people want two or three; one photo with the jacket, the other more casual. Think of the different applications you will use these for—Facebook, LinkedIn, business cards, website. There is no right answer—just one that fits your needs! You pay just $99 for the license of each image.

We would love to work with you!


Marie Watson(non-registered)
Thanks for pointing out the importance of looking good before your headshot. I would think it is important to make sure you pay attention to how your hair and makeup look, as well as what type of clothes you are wearing. I also like your tip about thinking positive thoughts. It seems like confidence can help you a lot when having your picture taken.
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